Top 10 Reasons to Go Vegan

Millions of people change their diet every year to lose weight, recover from a health scare, or simply improve their lifestyle. From countless diets and cleanses to pick from– Atkins to Zone, paleo, liquid, raw, pescatarian, vegetarian, etc.– a vegan diet has the most solid, research-proven benefits. Here’s a list of the top 10 reasons Continue Reading→

Why Be A Vegan?

There are numerous reasons to go vegan and cut animal products out of your life. The most commonly cited reasons involve helping the environment, standing up for animal rights and improving one’s personal health. In fact, if you go vegan for any one of these reasons, you’ll also experience the benefits of the other two Continue Reading→

Plant Based Recipes

What are Plant Based Recipes? Plant based recipes are exactly what they sound like: They are any recipes that have plants as their main ingredients. Such recipes are steadily gaining popularity in recent years, with celebrities from Bill Clinton to Natalie Portman supporting the vegan diet. This is good news for anyone looking to incorporate Continue Reading→

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